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Current Events And Other "Stuff" Happening Around The Place...

Current Show String: We invite you to come see us at the Tulsa State Fair September 27th thru September 29th and if the opportunity presents itself visit us at the Louisiana State Fair November 1st thru November 3rd to view selected entries. We will have on display what we feel are some excellent Brahmousin cattle representing our breeding program.

HLTP Sheeza A Good’n 694X, DOB 9/25/10
HLTP Beef To Go 467R x HLTP Miss Moon Shadow 542S

HLTP Miss Clara 715Y, DOB 5/5/11
HLTP Beef To Go 467R x HLTP Miss Sadie 530S

HLTP Miss Toasty 732Y, DOB 8/28/11
HLTP Hit Man 453P x HLTP Ruby Begonia 492R

HLTP Miss Sadie 530S
HLTP Miss Shady Lady 765Z, DOB 4//18/12

HLTP Stump 729Y, DOB 8/12/11
HLTP Beef To Go 467R x HLTP Reba 497R

HLTP Too Big 744Y, DOB 12/17/11
Grahams Unbeatable x HLTP Miss Bling 509R

HLTP Choot ‘em Willy 748Z, DOB 1//29/12
HLTP Mr Willy 618U x HLTP Miss Tatiana 596T

These days our attention is on following the development of HLTP Rapier 746Z, DOB 1/19/12

Rapier is bred as good as it gets from HF, he has maternal and performance traits stacked throughout his pedigree. On the top side he is sired by HLTP Strike Zone 345L who gets great females that milk and raise an excellent calf. On the bottom is Stilts Legacy 399N who is a daughter of our foundation ½ blood cow, Miss Stilts 027T (ET). Miss Stilts was retired at 17 years of age. She had 16 calves including herd bulls and keeper females. Legacy was her 16th calf. She had an average calving interval of 360 days. Following right in her dam’s footsteps, Stilts Legacy was 9 years old when she had Rapier, her eighth calf.

Rapier weaned off at 216 days weighing 761 lbs, WDA 3.52 lbs. with a moderate birth weight estimated at 75-80 pounds. He is a polled bull, black pigmented, with excellent structure and a good tight sheath. We anticipate using him on our Beef daughters. Beef’s actual weaning weight at 185 days was 640 lbs., WDA 3.46 lbs.

Below is last year’s full sister to Rapier…. who is currently bred to Mr Willy