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About Hilltop Farms

We are pleased to have you visit and spend some time getting acquainted and learning about our Brahmousin cattle program here at Hilltop Farms. We are the oldest active Brahmousin breeder in the United States, and have been crossing Brahman and Limousin cattle since 1983.

We began our Brahman Limousin cross breeding program with commercial cattle and after a short time phased into a registered Brahmousin program. Our first registered Brahmousin cattle were embryo calves that were the product of a Nelore bull, Truqueiro do Barreiro, an ABBA Register of Renown sire and two excellent Limousin cows. From these F-1's and through careful selection of Limousin and Brahman bulls via A.I., the herd has gradually grown over the years. We have not been in any hurry to increase our numbers, rather relying on the cattle proving themselves and building on those individuals that have demonstrated the traits we are breeding for.

Hilltop Farms - Brahmousin Cattle

That is not to say that we haven't had our share of disappointments, by way of a mating that looked good on paper, but just did not work out. Selection of Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus cattle matings in a crossbreeding program can be a tricky business. Those disappointments had a one-way ticket to the sale barn…and the productive, fertile, cows that didn't disappoint, spend many peaceful years doing what they do best - raising good growthy calves that will become excellent mothers and herd sires.

Hilltop Farms - Brahmousin Cattle

We are a closed herd, using only registered Limousin and Brahman for our seed stock requirements and integrating them into our own Brahmousin bloodlines. We endeavor to breed for the genetic traits of light birth weights, calving ease, fertility, and fast growth to weaning for the cow/calf producer. For the most part, we have been very successful in "packing on the pounds genetically." Our cattle will tend to be of a slightly larger frame and not as thick as some of the other cattle in the breed due to our breeding philosophy and selection traits.

We emphasize maternal traits in our cattle with the females in the herd all having average calving intervals of 365 days or less. The cattle, in general, will do well on grass and do not have to be fed to any great degree to reach their full potential growth. We have subscribed loosely to Dr. Jan Bonsma's functional efficiency philosophy of genetic selection at the time of the initial establishment of the herd and since that time through its ongoing development.

Should you have questions or wish to visit, do not hesitate to call or come by to visit and appraise our breeding program. Your visit is welcome anytime as we are always pleased to show our cattle.

Be sure to visit our "cattle page" where you will see a number of sires, dams and their progeny representing our herd.


We are located in North Texas just a few miles south of the Red River separating Texas from Oklahoma. Our farms are midway between the cities of Sherman on the east and Gainesville on the west, a mile south of US Highway 82.

American Brahmousin Council

We are a member of the American Brahmousin Council. Should you wish additional information about the Brahmousin breed or Brahmousin breeders in your area contact the office at 903.564.3995, Email us or write to the address: American Brahmousin Council, P.O. Box 88, Whitesboro, TX 76273.


Many of our cattle will carry some Nelore blood, a Bos Indicus breed, in their pedigree. The Nelore breed is the largest breed of cattle in Brazil, and the breed presents some unique crossbreeding traits, complementing the Limousin cross. For those of you who may have an interest, visit this site on the internet to learn more about the Nelore breed: http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/cattle/nelore/

Hilltop Farms - Brahmousin Cattle

Bred Heifers on Spring Pasture